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The Virtual Barre

Change Your Perspective

Playfully Empowering Aerial Gym

Welcome to The Virtual Barre!

As we adjust together in 2020, we hope you have been able to touch the calm awareness silently supporting us all. The Vertical Barre’s schedule changes monthly as a response to our ever-changing times. Some popular or requested classes may stick to the schedule, but expect new and exciting shifts monthly!
For July, we have made all online classes donation-based! When booking, you can give a suggested amount through our scheduler, and any amount through Venmo @thevirtualbarre (our favorite), CashApp at $thevirtualbarre, or PayPal to For those who would like us to set the price, we offer money saving memberships and class packages for your convenience. We are also offering limited, in-person classes in Cottonport, LA, as well as private in-home training within Lafayette Parish from 12-6 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month. Mask wearing and physical distancing are encouraged for all in-person classes.
See you at The Barre!
Team TVB


Pole Fit (50 minutes)
1pm / Wednesdays & Fridays
12pm / Saturdays

Join Pole Fit for one of the best total body workouts of your life! That’s not a guarantee, but we’re tempted! Using only your body weight and a pole, join us for crunches, climbs and more! Pole Fit is a great class for those wanting to build stamina and strength.

Quick Stretch (30 minutes)
12pm / Tuesdays & Fridays

Generally stiff and on a tight schedule? Take 30 minutes to loosen up with us! Join Quick Stretch and gain flexibility while focusing on releasing tension. Expect to hold accessible positions for up to 3 minutes in this rejuvenating Quick Stretch class.

Barre Fit (50 minutes)
1pm / Tuesdays
11am / Saturdays

Whether you’re a former ballerina or have never taken ballet, Barre Fit is a fantastic workout! This grace-training class will give you a new perspective on how to move with meaning. Filled with plies and tendus, and other terms you may not know yet, Barre Fit will guide you through our easy-to-follow fitness routine.

Pole Spin (50 minutes)
2pm / Wednesdays

Join Pole Spin to train in the art of “Making Spins Look Easy”! Learn and practice fun, static and spinning pole combinations, with plenty of rest to center yourself from dizziness. Let us break down the basics for you in Pole Spin!

Polesque (50 minutes)
2pm / Tuesdays
6pm / Fridays
1pm / Saturdays

Learn to tantalize and tease in our hottest pole dancing class! Polesque is where we bring out your beast-mode for the bedroom and beyond! From fan kicks to hair flips, we’ll dive into the lure of sultry-filled movement. Meow!

Quick Zen (30 minutes)
12pm / Wednesdays

In a hurry to decompress? Quick Zen will lead you through a meditation made to heighten your overall awareness all while relaxed in a seated position. Giving you gentle cues and a bit of silence, this class was created to bring you back to your breath. Online only.

Finding Flexibility (50 minutes)
6:30am / Mondays
6pm / Tuesdays

This isn’t yoga, and this isn’t your average stretch class. Finding Flexibility is a unique blend of minor movements and complete stillness. Class vary but we focus on your leaving feeling more limber than when you arrived. Online only.

Yoga + Meditation (60 minutes)
10am / Saturdays

If you’re new to yoga and would like to learn a thing or two about positions, Sanskrit and the depths of what yoga can be, this class is waiving you in! Designed for beginners, Yoga + Meditation welcomes all abilities and is moderate to slow in pace. Mindfulness meditation is sprinkled throughout class and focused on for at least 5 minutes of class. In this form of meditation, we serve as your reminder to connect with awareness, to, notice your breath after you read this line.


Chair Dance

Have fun learning a chair dance to music from our playlist, or bring your own tunes to personalize your routine. Chairs provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Beginner Ballet

Learn the basics of classical ballet in this beginner class. Wear socks or ballet shoes, and get ready for a
great beginner ballet workout!
First-timer friendly!

Pole Dance

Learn a pole dance routine in the style of your choice. We’ll provide the song, just let us know what you’re looking to unleash! Pole provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Pole Trick Training

Expand your limits and gain strength through our Pole Trick Training class personalized to accomplish your goals. Pole provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Pole Fitness

From crunches, pull ups, climbs, to obliques, join Pole Fitness for a great total body strengthening class. Let’s sweat! Pole provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Pole Spin

Spins are super fun and a great way to tie tricks or choreography together.
Sign up for Pole Spin to
learn beginner to advance spins. Pole provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Dance Lab

Experiment, create, and combine freestyle dance with or without a pole in this movement exploring class! Pole provided for in-studio sessions.
First-timer friendly!


Let go of stress while gaining mobility in our one-of-a-kind yoga class.
Learn how to relieve tension and broaden your abilities. Expect to hold
personalized positions 1-5 minutes.
Mats provided for all in-person sessions.
First-timer friendly!

Create Your Own Lesson

Whether you want a personalized workout, are ready to create a routine for a performance, or looking to learn some new moves, Creating Your Own Lesson is perfect for those who know exactly what they’re ready to work on. Sign up and tell us how you’d like to create your class!
First-timer friendly!

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A Word From Our Students

Lauren J.

I’ve been a member for years, and I’m so glad I found this place! Laci is upbeat, and the classes are so fun that I don’t even know I’m working out. You wanna be buff-pants? You can do that here. Working on your grace? Check. Expand your repertoire of sexy moves? She can show you some. There’s a bunch of different styles of classes, and the website explains it all. Plus, who DOESN’T love flipping upside down and whatnot?!

Lauren J.

My first ever experience in this setting and I absolutely love these classes! Anyone out there nervous of trying don’t be. She is a fantastic teacher and as a newbie, with almost no muscle, I need all the help I can get. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun motivating environment to get fit!

Ashley G.
Cecilia F.

I have been a member at The Vertical Barre since 2012 and I could not imagine my life without this and the amazing woman who runs it. I had tried just about all the traditional fitness studios and activities out there. Kickboxing, zumba, workout videos, running, various gym classes, etc. You name it, I probably tried it. Unfortunately, nothing ever held my interest for long, until I found The Vertical Barre. TVB forced me to push my limits and see just what my body was capable. I have gained more self confidence than I have ever had. I can truly be myself here and I owe it all to the amazing people at The Vertical Barre who have become my pole family.

Cecilia F.

As a person who absolutely detests working out for the sake of fitness, I LOVE that the Vertical Barre offers a fun challenge with attainable goals all the while I am benefiting physically. It has become a much welcomed highlight in my week, and a solution to exercising strictly out of obligation. Laci exudes great energy, and always has something positive to say no matter how much work I may need. I am so thankful for this place.

Jenny S.
David S.

Crazy fun! Good atmosphere, awesome instructor and an overall fun time. Didn’t really know what to expect the first time i went but totally worth it. You’ll definitely see a definite change after a few classes.

David S.

My favorite place to go and work out!! I have never had a bad experience in the past 3 years that I have gone off and on! I love to do the fitness classes and if I just want to have a good time. They have so many options for classes there is no doubt you will find one perfect for you.

Hope S.
Ericka A.

I started here at The Vertical Barre 4 years ago. I instantly fell in love with it. I absolutely hate working but pole fitness has me loving it. It’s fun, challenging, and very empowering. The instructor has a saying ” just because you can’t do something now, it just means you can’t do it yet. This place changed my life!

Ericka A.

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