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The Virtual Barre

Playfully Empowering


Hello, welcome to The Virtual Barre, an online platform offering unique classes and
private training designed to change your perspective off or on the pole!

The Virtual Barre is born from The Vertical Barre an alternative fitness studio started in 2011. TVB is a growing community of open minds and happy bodies, proudly selling weight loss and self-efficacy by the pound. The Virtual Barre is your spot for playfully empowering classes that are sure to lower your stress and boost endorphins! TVB brings you a variety of classes that offer impressive results you can only gain here. Choose from our class selection and sign up for yours today!

You’re here because you’re ready. Book today!



Hola, I’m Laci Lopez creator/owner of The Virtual Barre a playfully empowering platform that makes sweating sexy. I work hard to bring you a variety of classes and events that change your perspective and deepen your relationship with life. From dance to meditation, I share tools to remind you happiness is here, and that you are ultimately your own instructor.

Sharing my passion for presence and performance, and mixing it with my motivation to move,
has created a growing community open to edgy, and ever-changing ideas.
Please join us and by booking your lessions today!

I’m excited to meet you at The Barre!


Chair Dance

Have fun learning a chair dance to hot music from our playlist, or bring your own tunes to personalize your routine. Chairs provided for in-studio sessions.
No experience required.

Beginner Ballet

Learn the basics of classical ballet in this beginner class. Wear socks or ballet shoes, and get ready for a
great ballet workout!
No experience required.

Pole Dance

Learn a pole dance routine in the style of your choice. We’ll provide the song, just let us know what you’re looking to unleash!
No experience required.

Pole Trick Conditioning

Expand your limits and gain strength through our Pole Trick Conditioning class personalized to suit your goals.
No experience required.

Power Pole

From crunches, pull ups, climbs, to obliques, join Power Pole for a great total body workout. Gain strength and muscle definition in a class sure to
change your perspective!
No experience required.

Pole Spin

Spins are a super fun and great way to bring your pole dance tricks together.
Sign up for Pole Spin to
learn beginner to advance spins.
No experience required.

Flexibility Training

Stretch out and let go during in this rejuvenating flexibility class.
Release stress and gain mobility.
This class is the relief every body needs.
No experience required.

Movement Meditation

Find your flow in our Movement Meditation class created to help you explore your freestyle dance. With no set choreography and little instruction,
our class is designed to boost your confidence with freestyle movement.
No experience required.

Create Your Own Session

Whether you’re training for an event, want to create a routine for a private performance, or just have some fun while working out, creating your own session is perfect for those who have an exact idea of what they’re ready to learn. Sign up and tell us how we can cater your class!
No experience required.

Purchase & Schedule

Please schedule 72 hours in advance.



A Word From Our Students

Lauren J.

I’ve been a member for years, and I’m so glad I found this place! Laci is upbeat, and the classes are so fun that I don’t even know I’m working out. You wanna be buff-pants? You can do that here. Working on your grace? Check. Expand your repertoire of sexy moves? She can show you some. There’s a bunch of different styles of classes, and the website explains it all. Plus, who DOESN’T love flipping upside down and whatnot?!

Lauren J.

My first ever experience in this setting and I absolutely love these classes! Anyone out there nervous of trying don’t be. She is a fantastic teacher and as a newbie, with almost no muscle, I need all the help I can get. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun motivating environment to get fit!

Ashley G.
Cecilia F.

I have been a member at The Vertical Barre since 2012 and I could not imagine my life without this and the amazing woman who runs it. I had tried just about all the traditional fitness studios and activities out there. Kickboxing, zumba, workout videos, running, various gym classes, etc. You name it, I probably tried it. Unfortunately, nothing ever held my interest for long, until I found The Vertical Barre. TVB forced me to push my limits and see just what my body was capable. I have gained more self confidence than I have ever had. I can truly be myself here and I owe it all to the amazing people at The Vertical Barre who have become my pole family.

Cecilia F.

As a person who absolutely detests working out for the sake of fitness, I LOVE that the Vertical Barre offers a fun challenge with attainable goals all the while I am benefiting physically. It has become a much welcomed highlight in my week, and a solution to exercising strictly out of obligation. Laci exudes great energy, and always has something positive to say no matter how much work I may need. I am so thankful for this place.

Jenny S.
David S.

Crazy fun! Good atmosphere, awesome instructor and an overall fun time. Didn’t really know what to expect the first time i went but totally worth it. You’ll definitely see a definite change after a few classes.

David S.

My favorite place to go and work out!! I have never had a bad experience in the past 3 years that I have gone off and on! I love to do the fitness classes and if I just want to have a good time. They have so many options for classes there is no doubt you will find one perfect for you.

Hope S.
Ericka A.

I started here at The Vertical Barre 4 years ago. I instantly fell in love with it. I absolutely hate working but pole fitness has me loving it. It’s fun, challenging, and very empowering. The instructor has a saying ” just because you can’t do something now, it just means you can’t do it yet. This place changed my life!

Ericka A.

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